Nurse Practitioner Nation (NP Nation) is the premier site for NPs to find information and resources to all the issues important to you.  

NP Nation is a collaboration of NPs and other relevant business partners to bring you the best of what is available to support your career and practice.  

NP Nation is spearheaded by Dino Soriano, FNP, who is using the economies of scale and the buying power of many NPs together to negotiate the best terms 

and pricing period. 

Individually we are strong, together we are Powerful.

We strive to be the one location for all your needs, All things NP, from a practical and commercial point of view.

Group Malpractice Insurance, Discounts on medical supplies for your practice, In house medication dispensing systems, Clinic membership programs to build your 

practice, Pay you to precept NP students, residency program for Family and Acute medicine, practice management, practice financing, and WARNP talk radio for NPs 

by NPs, just to name a few of the programs that are launched or will be launching soon. 

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