The first and only National Board Dedicated for students to advertise for and hire preceptors. 

You, the student, get to market yourself to preceptors in all your specialties, in one location. 

Let preceptors find and contact you for the first time in our industries history. 

Be proactive and place an add to hire a preceptor only $99 for a three-month listing. This will be marketed to potential preceptors and will be searchable by preceptors looking for students. They will read your add and if they want to be your next preceptor, they will email or call you! 

  • Tell them who you are by posting your resume and a picture
  • Telling them what school you go to attracts alumni
  • Telling them when your paperwork is due and when you rotation begins helps them plan
  • Telling them what is expected of them, post your syllabus, and how many evaluations then need to do 
  • Telling them how many days a week, how many weeks and a total of the hours needed 
  • Telling them how much you are willing to pay them for their time and experience attracts more potential preceptors

And if that isn't awesome enough, You can also search through the thousands of resumes of Potential Preceptors for free. Find one you like, then reach out to them with a Clinical Request and if they are interested in precepting you then you will receive their contact information for only $35. You only pay this if someone you reached out to likes and agrees with your offer. No matter how many you send you only pay for yeses. 

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